Power & Energy

Our consultants in the Power & Energy sector possess over 20 cumulative years of experience. We have clients who own and/or operate facilities, build infrastructure, develop projects, provide consultancy expertise and provide financial services for both the regulated and unregulated markets. Our consultants stay up-to-date in an ever-changing market through their constant awareness of ongoing and upcoming projects, exceptional candidates, and trends in the power & energy industry.

Industries Include: Oil, Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Electric, Transmission and Distribution, Cogeneration, Single-cycle, Combined-cycle, Substation, Energy Trading, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Biomass, Biofuels.


Planning & Design

Consultants at Spirit Executive have worked in the planning and design industries for almost 15 years. We have successfully placed a diverse array of town and transport planners, architects and design engineers in major firms in both the UK and abroad; developing partnerships with firms ranging from the world’s largest companies to smaller family-owned enterprises. Through these relationships, consultants have gained an understanding of the key skills that are necessary to design and construct a variety of the structures being built today.

Industries Include: Architecture, Commercial, Education, Residential, Multi-Use, Multi-Family, Landscape Architecture, Urban Development, Healthcare, Town Planning, Transport Planning, Retail, Hi-Rise, Single Family, Institutional and Military.

Property & Developers

Our Consultants represent real estate/property/development specialists and/or owners that specialise in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate throughout the country as well as internationally. Many of our clients are owners, builders, developers and management firms, or a combination thereof. Our team of dedicated recruiters within this division expertly networked within different geographic segments of the country and the world to find exemplary talent for our clients.

Industries Include: Commercial, Residential, Multi-family, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Retail Office, Industrial, Land, Healthcare, Hospitality, Single-family and Mixed-use.

Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Our consultants have successfully performed civil engineering searches for the construction industry for over 15 years. Spirit Executive operate within specific disciplines, allowing consultants and recruiters to develop close relationships with the companies and professionals whose livelihoods are entrenched in the civil engineering market. We provide clients with recruiting specialists who know the competition and who have a track record of successful placements with similar companies.

Industries Include: Highways, Roads, Bridges, Asphalt & Concrete, Paving, Utilities, Rail, Marine, Dams, Tunnelling, Aviation.



Our industrial consultants have developed and maintained working relationships with some of the industry’s most sought-after candidates within both union and non-union markets. They also have the unique ability to recruit outstanding middle and senior management professionals for clients. With a specific focus in the industrial market, consultants in this division offer a better understanding of clients’ most challenging and critical needs.

Industries Include: Petroleum, Chemical, Liquid, Natural Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technological, Bio-Fuels, Biomass Food, Beverage, Pulp, Paper Process, Plant Water, Wastewater (WWTP), Mining, Minerals, Manufacturing, Refinery Coal and Hydrocarbons.

Building Services

Consultants in the Building Services Division possess the unique ability to identify mechanical, electrical and HVAC professionals for our clients, while offering a better understanding of our clients’ most challenging and critical needs, our clients range in size from small family-owned businesses to global players

Industries Include: Building Services, Facilities Management, Commercial, Government, Institutional, Healthcare, Industrial, Power, Water/Wastewater Disciplines, HVAC, Plumbing Process, Piping, Sheet, Metal, Fire, Protection, Fabrication, Service Controls, Commercial, Industrial, Utilities, Mission, Critical, Governmental Data, Centers Disciplines, Construction Design, Engineering, Low Voltage Systems, Power Transmission, Distribution and Substation.



Our industry-specific knowledge and dedicated team of consultants have made our Manufacturing Division the best in the business. We conduct searches for a variety of managers including: automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment used within a variety of sectors such as rail, mining, agricultural, on-highway, and materials handling.

Industries Include: Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural, Construction, Cranes, Lift Electrical Power, Forestry, Marine, Industrial, Highway, Trucks, Engines, Material Handling and Mining.



Our Consultants have secured working relationships with the leading industry consultancies, from the large multidisciplinary consultants to smaller specialists.  Our clients provide services into a number of industries, from oil & gas to utilities, public and private sector and developing markets.

Industries Include: Marine Rivers & Coastal, Construction,  Upstream, Downstream, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, DeFRA, Retail, Utilities, Water, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Manufacturing, Mining, Contaminated Land, Remediation, Geotechnical, Geo-environmental, Environmental Impact Assessment EIA, SEA, SIA, Ecology, Flood Risk Assessment FRA, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Water Modelling, Environmental Planning, Risk Assessments, Landscapes, Waste strategy, Bioenergy, Permitting, Certification, Sustainability, Carbon reduction, Climate Change, Complex Environmental Change, Carbon Trading, Carbon Management, Environmental Auditing (Compliance, Due Diligence, Environmental Management Systems EMS)


Our consultants have extensive knowledge of all aspects of transportation engineering, development planning, pedestrian modelling, traffic management, highway design and road safety, so we have a real understanding of the market and can offer insightful career advice. Through our knowledge of the industry, we are able to provide a unique and specialist service helping our clients identify the right people, whilst at the same time taking care to maximise the career prospects of the professionals that we place.

Disciplines include: Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering, Development Planning, Signals, Intelligent Transport, Travel Planning, Sustainable Transport, Road Safety, Public Realm, Transport Economics, Traffic Modelling, CAD, Rail and Logistics.