Our Approach

Our approach is simple, to be judged by one thing, that is the delivery of best in class people to our clients and exciting career opportunities to individuals, that we work with.

Spirit can cast the net wider giving you more choice and better outcomes. We get to the heart of the matter for both parties and makes sure there is shared synergy between both your long-term aspirations, in order to match the best people with the right opportunities.

Our Thinking

We know that perfection is impossible in recruitment, but working towards perfection is one of our missions.

To that end, we have developed SPIRIT our standard for the business. Each consultant utilises this standard to help them maintain a focus on service and ethics. We realise in a hugely competitive market, you are only as good as the last piece of work you delivered and therefore standards can never slip, therefore we keep striving for excellence in everything we do.

Our SPIRIT is at the heart of what we do, our SPIRIT provides our drive for success and our mission to aim for excellence at all times when engaging with our clients and individuals. (See below)


Spirit Executive deliver excellent levels of service to all of our clients, nothing less is acceptable. We seek feedback to ensure we continue to develop our service offering and to meet the high quality standards we set ourselves.

Proactive Approach

Spirit Executive look ahead and anticipate opportunities for our clients and our candidates. We go beyond the brief to bring great ideas, market intelligence and suggestions to the table as well as the talent needed.


Spirit Executive find creative new ways to achieve our client’s objectives in acquiring talent that can add real value. We embrace new opportunities to develop our offering.


Spirit Executive measure and report against targets to ensure we continue to improve. We share our successes with our clients and our team.


Spirit Executive present a consistent and positive image throughout our dealings with clients and other stakeholders. We act with integrity and professionalism in all of our dealings.


Spirit Executive value our people and develop them to achieve their potential, their personal goals and ambitions. We encourage teamwork and a supportive environment built on shared targets and values.

Meet Our Experts

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Steve Edwards

Manging Partner - Buildings & Infrastructure/Planning& Design

Amy Darby

Business Support Manager

Brad Knight
Brad Knight

Consultant - Property

Adam Williams

Consultant - Environmental

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