How we can help

At Spirit Executive we focus on listening to people as individuals not candidates – we are all different!

Too often in the recruitment industry consultants are driven by KPI’s and targets and forget the human factors that affect individuals in the real world.

We know that a lot of the most talented people are passive and gainfully employed, we also know that career decisions can be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make; like buying a home, getting married and having children.

We respect that your career decisions will have a massive effect on you and your families and we take that very seriously, we believe in working with the highest calibre candidates and helping them to achieve their full potential.

That’s not just achieved by matching a vacancy to someone’s current experience, but aligning their aspirations and ambitions with an organisation’s, looking at the cultural and personal fit.

Looking at both sides strategic objectives to see if there is some synergy in their outlooks and how the working relationship can benefit both the individual and the company involved.

Results worth shouting about


Create Roles

68% of the individuals we help are placed into created roles tailored to them


Key Decision Makers

90% of our relationships within companies are senior decision makers


Real Relationships

80% of the individuals we place stay in touch and use us again, so we must be doing something right

Some of the companies

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